Dave and Dianne
July 3rd, 2017
Harvest Inn, St. Helena, CA

Officiant - Alex Esber
Ushers - Paul Esber and Michael Vespe

Maid of Honor - Jessie Goldner

Dianne and Jessie have known each other for over 20 years. They met on the pool deck during water polo try-outs and it's been hard to get them to stop chatting since. They spent hours every day together in lane 5 of the pool growing up, and recently raced the "Escape from Alcatraz" swim together. They both went to the Midwest for undergrad (Dianne at Northwestern and Jessie at Indiana) and shared many Big Ten moments. Whether spending time in California, Chicago, Tahoe, Park City, Michigan, or simply over facetime, they have become part of each others' families and look forward to a lifelong friendship. When Jessie first met Dave she felt like he "truly completed Di"...and then went on to tell Dave that "we're a package deal".

Best Man - Nick Fox

Nick and Dave have been friends since middle school, when they'd speak French incorrectly to each other; they've since expanded to speaking English incorrectly too. They began their careers together, as book shelvers at the Larchmont Public Library, and that started them both on the path to working in software development at Google (we're not sure how). For about 10 years Dave would live in Nick's spare bedroom or living room or floor whenever he needed a place to stay in SF; for some reason Nick was a big proponent of Dave moving to SF.