Dave and Dianne
July 3rd, 2017
Harvest Inn, St. Helena, CA


It all began with some cheese.

Dave & Dianne met on October 1, 2015 at Mission Cheese and as weird as it sounds, we knew that day something was different (Alex, Dianne's baby brother, called it that night).

Since then there have been so many wonderful memories - Dave went from "meeting the brothers" (arguably harder than meeting the parents given the tight #siblingcircle) to being part of the "Extended Esber Bros", the pair cooked at least 75 homemade pizzas on "pizza Friday" (Dave's childhood tradition), and we traveled every moment we could. Dianne went swing dancing in Golden Gate Park...in the rain...and sang karaoke for Dave (turns out he wasn't exaggerating how much he loved karaoke). Dave has perfected his ski moves by following Dianne's example, and has watched more movies than he thought possible in a weekend at Sundance Film Festival.

We realized that in addition to both loving hiking, Wikipedia, three-Michelin star restaurants, and rocking out to Taylor Swift, we also shared the same core values. We were also really both kids at heart - and we make a damn good team. And while a lot has changed (Dianne did leave the gorgeous Marina to move to Noe Valley!), we both still love cheese (we may or may not have a cheesemonger at Cow Girl creamery that greets us by name every Saturday at the farmers market).

We're not sure what is next, but we are excited to find out as we live #HappilyVesberAfter.